• Istra Trek 2017



    12th trekking race

    12th trekking race

    Ultra, around 40 km
    Challenger, around 25 km
    Light, around 12 km

    Technical briefing: Saturday 04.02.2017.
    08:50 Ultra
    09:50 Challenger
    10:20 Light

    Registration for the race: only via online application
    Registration is possible until: 26.01.2017.

    Registrations and information about the race are published on the website

    We are waiting for you in February and we wish you the best of luck!


    SRK Alba
    Presika 51a, Labin +385 (0)98 98 31 255

  • Carnival in Cerovlje

    05.02.2017 - 26.02.2017


    Carnival parade and masked ball

    Carnival parade and masked ball

    The largest and most cheerful carnival in central Istria! Masked groups comes from all over the region, and is being held, as tradition dictates, on Sunday before Carnival. Children's carnival is scheduled for Saturday, then the event will continue on Tuesday, the day of Pust and ends on Wednesday ceremonial of "Pust" burning with the inevitable reading of funny judgment.


    Općina Cerovlje
    T. +385 (0)52 684140

  • Istrian Winter Running League


    Tupljak (Pićan)

    12th winter league season

    12th winter league season

    12th anniversary of the Istrian winter league proves how popular running is in Istria. There are different recreational 6 or 9 kilometre races being held throughout the entire winter, up until March. Make sure not to miss the upcoming exciting adventures.

    Entry fee will amount 100.00 HRK and it’s paid by the purchase of starting number which is valid for all races. There will be trails of different profiles, properly marked, which length ranges from 6 km to about 9 km.

    Istrian Winter Running League 2016/17
    1. round: 06.11.2016. Umag
    2. round: 20.11.2016. Poreč-Parenzo
    3. round: 04.12.2016. Pazin
    4. round: 18.12.2016. Medulin
    5. round: 15.01.2017. Sveti Petar u Šumi
    6. round: 29.01.2017. Rovinj-Rovigno
    7. round: 12.02.2017. Tupljak (Pićan)
    8. round: 26.02.2017. Pula-Pola
    9. round: 05.03.2016. Rabac

  • BLIK: Istria and Kvarner Boulder League



    Rock climbing on the artificial surfaces

    Rock climbing on the artificial surfaces

    Competition shedule:
    20.11.2016. Roč,  Spk Vertical
    11.12.2016. Rovinj, Spk Muntravo
    15.01.2017. Pula, Pd Glas Istre
    29.01.2017. Rijeka, Riječki alpinistički klub
    19.02.2017. Pazin, Spk Hiperaktiv
    12.03.2017. Pula, Spk OnSight
    01.04.2017. Rijeka, Spk Rirockclimbing - FINALE


    SPK Hiperaktiv
    M.B.Rašana 2/5, Pazin

  • Honey Days

    24.02.2017 - 25.02.2017

    Pazin, Spomen dom

    12th international exhibition and conference

    Spomen dom

    12th international exhibition and conference

    The case with the choice of beekeeper that is honeymaker is the same as with a café and your favourite coffee brand. You choose once and never change. In her time, Empress Maria Theresa proclaimed beekeeping a protected craft. “...In order to popularize beekeeping among our people, it is exempt from any tax or toll for all times...”, stands in the Patent on beekeeping from 1775.

    A spoonful of health

    Locust tree honey - the best cure for stress; meadow honey - it is difficult to count up all its benefits, but it will do wonders for elderly people and give them new strength; chestnut honey with its bitterness defies the saying 'sweet as honey' but is a great remedy for digestive difficulties and other disorders... Honey is healthy! This is a statement no one will even dare to deny. How healthy it really is, that is something we are yet to find out. But with great certainty and with no reason to prove it we can say for sure that honey has a wonderful taste, it is a special sweetener and is equally good today as it was when man reached for it into the beehive for the very first time (how did he even get this idea?). Istrian honey is of outstanding quality, but there isn't much of it, just as much as there is vegetation. In order to harvest as much honey as possible, beekeepers carry their hives to places even a few hundred kilometres away. This is one of the integral parts of beekeeping.

    The long way to honey

    In Istria it all begins in April when beekeepers harvest fruit honey and dandelion honey which is extracted until May. Then the hives and beekeepers, like real nomads, move in search of locust trees that yield high quality and delicious honey. At the same time bees are diligently collecting sage nectar. The next activity takes place in June when hives are transferred to areas rich in chestnut trees, which has become a very uncertain and modest source of honey. At this period there is no activity of bees in Istria, so the search for flower blossoms for the nectar takes beekeepers to areas of Gorski kotar, Kordun and Lika. This best speaks of the beekeepers' nomadic way of life and their readiness to cover several hundred kilometres every seven days to reach the faraway hives just for a few kilograms of sweet honey. In mid-September the bees return home. Then they mostly sip the nectar from heather and other plants blossoming at that time. For those who don't know much about honey making and its terminology, honey extraction is the process of removing honey from the honeycomb. So, after the last honey extraction in the year, beekeepers prepare their bees for the winter, leaving enough honey for them to survive - about fifteen kilograms in each hive.


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Already receiving significant earned media in outlets such as National Geographic Traveler Huffington Post and mention in notable guidebooks like Lonely Planet, international journalists and tour operators alike continue the praise heaped upon the Istrian peninsula and all it has to offer making it one of the world's top destinations.