• Istrian pinca under the baking lid



    Revival of Easter traditions

    Revival of Easter traditions

    In March, the Easter spirit will rule over Žminj, a small picturesque village in central Istria, in which the event dedicated to pinca, the traditional Istrian Easter sweet bread will take place. This event reminds us of the not so distant past when the custom of baking pinca played a very important role during Easter festivities, and all visitors will be able to see and taste what people used to eat for Easter breakfast.

    Hardworking housewives from all over Istria will show their Easter sweet breads and Easter pastries for tasting. They will delight in showing you how the pinca was once kneaded and baked by the fireplace and they will share their recipes. Pinca was once prepared in every household for Easter.

    This was one of the few sweet dishes at the modest Easter table in many households. Women used to knead this sweet bread with raisins the day before in order to make the dough reach the desired size, and it was baked in large bread ovens. Unlike bread, the sugar, eggs and obligatory raisins are added to the pinca dough. At the end, the top of the bread is cut into the shape of a cross and decorated with olive leaves.

    However, it is not just the pinca that is an unmissable part of the Easter tradition in Istria. Jajarice were also baked on this day for children. These are braided buns onto which a boiled egg is added to the top. Children were always especially excited about this gift, which they would receive with a painted egg given to them for Easter lunch by every member of the family.


    TZ Žminj
    Čakavska kuća bb, 52341 Žminj T. +385 (0)52 846 792

  • Gračišće Wine Festival


    Gračišće, Starogradska jezgra

    Starogradska jezgra

    The Wine Festival of Central Istria will be held traditionally on Easter Monday. On the day when the streets of medieval Gračišće are turned into a large inn in the open, visitors will be given the opportunity for wine tasting in the old town core in 18 taverns. The wine tasting begins at 11 hours, when is the official opening of the festival, until the 19 hours when the tavern are closed.

    The winner ceremony will be held on the day of the event at the center in Gračišće.


    Općina Gračišće
    T.+385 52 687 111

  • Istrakon

    06.04.2018 - 08.04.2018

    Pazin, GSŠJD i sportska dvorana (Memorial centre)

    Science fiction convention

    GSŠJD i sportska dvorana (Memorial centre)

    Science fiction convention

    Welcome to the world of dreams

    For a few days in spring, Pazin, city in the heart of Istria, becomes the venue for a very unusual event - science fiction convention. After being held for the first time in 2000 it soon grew into a real festival of borderline sciences, SF literature and films, accompanied by a rich program of lectures, computer workshops, card playing tournaments, creative writing workshops, sports competitions, fashion shows and theme parties.

  • 100 miles of Istria: Yellow course

    07.04.2018 - 08.04.2018

    Motovun - Umag

    Trail race

    14:00 h

    Trail race

    The shortest trail is dedicated to beginners in trail running. It starts at the bottom of the town of Motovun, climbs up the town and merges with the 100 miles trail. With the elevation difference of 1.170 m and a time limit of 8 hours, this trail is not very challenging, but nevertheless, has all the elements of a real trail race: it leads you through steep climbs and slopes, wide paths, intact single tracks and charming hill towns - a real treat!

    Welcome to the 6th edition of the ultra trail race ''100 miles of Istria''! 
    » Info:
    » Registration

    Info about the races:
    Red 100 miles
    100 miles (169,5 km) | +6.632 m | -6.911 m
    Start @ Labin, Friday, 17:00

    Blue 109 km
    109,7 km | +4.429 m | -4.432 m
    Start @ Lovran, Friday, 00:00 (midnight)

    Green 67 km
    66,8 km | +2.490 m | -2.550 m
    Start @ Buzet, Saturday, 08:00

    Yellow 41 km
    41,1 km | +1.170 m | -1.320 m
    Start @ Motovun (parking) Saturday, 14:00

  • Supci pod mavricun


    Grimalda (Draguć)

    Meeting of young players on the Istrian folk and traditional instruments

    Meeting of young players on the Istrian folk and traditional instruments

    The meeting was called 'Supci pud mavricon' which in the Istrian dialect means 'Players under the rainbow'. The sounds of roženica, šurle, mih, mišnica, cindra, bajs, violin, maklarin and other traditional instruments can be heard at the meeting.

    The idea was that this meeting bring together exclusively the young musicians and to be held at the beautiful Grimalda - maybe the most beautiful Istrian lookout, which aim is to preserve the Istrian traditional music which is very well accepted by the residents of Istria.

  • Veli Jože



    5th urban orienteering race

    5th urban orienteering race

    Motovun Tourist Board and Sport- recreational club Alba have organized the race which is suitable for families with children. It is a team-orientation race in which one of the members needs to be younger than 14 years of age.

    The expected duration of the race is approximately an hour and the goal of the team is to find as many as possible hidden control points where it's necessary to perforate the ticket which they have received at the start. The control points are situated in the old town core and its surrounding area. The race is suitable for all age groups.

    The goal of the race is not only to walk, but also to test your agility, speed, orientation and to entertain yourself. Teams need to register under the name which theme needs to be "Motovun" therefore last year's race has produced many interesting names.

    Further information regarding the race will be published on


    TZ Motovun
    Trg Andrea Antico 1 +385 (0)52 681 726


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