• Between drawing and painting

    11.05.2017 - 10.06.2017

    Poreč, Galerija Zuccato

    Between drawing and painting

    Petra Grozaj, Ivona Jurić, Stipan Tadić

    10 - 12 & 18 - 21 h

    Galerija Zuccato

    Between drawing and painting

    Petra Grozaj, Ivona Jurić, Stipan Tadić


    Galerija Zuccato
    Dekumanska 34

  • DanceStar Festival

    24.05.2017 - 28.05.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Intersport Centar (Intersport Sports Center)

    World Dance Championship

    Intersport Centar (Intersport Sports Center)

    World Dance Championship

    Stop for a moment and dash yourself into DanceStar orbit!

    Again this year Poreč is honoured to become a host of DanceStar World Dance Masters where more than 5,000 world's best dancers will gather from 24th until 28th of May. Poreč will be the centre of the dance for a few days which and no one will be able to resist it.

    DanceStar is a synonym for top-quality dance competitions which are held all over the world, with a grand finale in Poreč. 2017 is the 10th anniversary of DanceStar. Every year it has been increasing by expanding its relevance and getting into the world market. A growing trend is reflected in numerous collaborations with reputable figures from domestic and international dance scene.

    High attendance confirms the attractiveness of Poreč finals which provides the opportunity for general audience to attend. Besides friends and family who are closely looking performance of their well-trained dancers, all spectators are contributing towards the cheerful atmosphere.

    In addition to its educational efforts, the fun part takes place in various additional activities. There will be a party under the starry sky of Poreč and the music will be performed by well-known DJs. The entry is free.

    The spotlight of DanceStar event is certainly the Gala Night which will be held in the beautiful hall Žatika at 8 p.m. The dance floor will glow with the best choreography which will have the chance to win one of the prestigious awards.

    Be sure to save your spot at spectacular Gala Night and visit the 10th anniversary of DanceStar World Dance Masters.

    DanceStar schedule of events:

    22. - 24.05. DanceStar All Other Countries: qualifying tournament, Intersport Centar
    24. - 28.05. DanceStar World Dance Masters, Intersport centar
    24.05., 25.05. i 27.05. DanceStar Open Air party, Zelena laguna beach (free antrance)

    26.05. u 20h Gala Night, Hall „Žatika“ Poreč

  • Lighthouse Festival

    24.05.2017 - 28.05.2017

    Tar-Torre, Plaža Lighthouse Villa (The beach below the Lighthouse Villa )

    Electronic underground music festival

    Electronic underground music festival

    Lighthouse Festival is an underground electronic music festival in Croatia/Porec created by Pratersauna (AT) in collab with Hive (CH), Harry Klein (D), WupWup (IT/D) and Burek Label (HR).


    Pratersauna Betriebs GmbH
    Waldsteingartenstraße 135,1020 Wien / Austria +43 1 72 91 927

  • Croatia Match Cup

    25.05.2017 - 28.05.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Uvala Peškera (Peškera Cove)

    Sailing competition in the class of catamarans

    Uvala Peškera (Peškera Cove)

    Sailing competition in the class of catamarans

    Croatia Match Cup Poreč 2017 brings one of the most prestigious sailing competitions in the world, World Match Racing Tour, and top-notch entertainment and gastronomy to Poreč, Croatia.

    From May 25th till May 28th 2017 a Croatian edition of World Match Racing Tour regatta, accompanied by a unique event Croatia Match Cup, will take place in the aquatorium of Peškera Bay, Poreč, and thus place Poreč on the map of the most prestigious sailing competitions in the world. Croatia Match Cup will bring the best sailing teams to Poreč, including a team led by our Olympic medal winners from Rio, Šime Fantela and Igor Marenić.

    Ten sailing teams from the USA, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and Poland will compete in Peškera Bay just 100 meters from the coast, and the audience will be able to observe their exciting and unpredictable races for free!

    Exclusively for the event, one of the most beautiful Adriatic bays located just next to the historic centre of Poreč will be transformed to a big auditorium full of cheering audience!

    Every day of the event, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., while trainings and races take place in the bay, the visitors will be able to try street food delicacies inspired by gastronomic specialities of four Croatian regions (Istria, Dalmatia, continental Croatia and Slavonia) and selected vines, observe the races with a cocktail in hand in the perfectly positioned Beach bar and the youngest visitors will have at their disposal free activities designed just for them!

    After race party that starts from 5 p.m. will be a warm up for the evening program, but also a perfect opportunity to get to know the competitors better!

    The event will be opened on Thursday, May 25th, by the biggest regional music star Željko Joksimović, Neki novi klinci- Balašević tribute band will perform on Friday, May 26th, Zabranjeno pušenje is on the program on Saturday, May 27th, and on Sunday, after the award ceremony, Poreč will dance with Simon & Rovinj Music Lab.

    In Peškera Bay you will be able to try street food delicacies inspired by gastronomic specialities of four Croatian regions (Istria, Dalmatia, continental Croatia and Slavonia) and selected vines, observe the races with a cocktail in hand in the perfectly positioned Beach bar and the youngest visitors will have at their disposal free activities designed just for them!

    Between May 22nd and May 28th, in the week of Croatia Match Cup, some of the Poreč's best restaurants – Sv. Nikola, L˙Insolito, Divino, Ćakula, Fora Le Porte, Cotton Club and San Mauro – invite their guests to try fish, meat and vegetarian menus in three courses!

    Treat yourself to your favourite dish or try something new as a part of Croatia Match Cup’s program that starts at 10 a.m. and finishes at 4 a.m.

  • Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2017

    01.06.2017 - 02.06.2017


    Rally for electric vehicles

    Rally for electric vehicles

    The most beautiful and the quietest rally in the world is being held again this year. The fourth international “Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2017” traditionally starts in Istria, Rovinj, 31.5. and will last until 07.06., finishing in Zagreb. Eight days of driv-ing on the 1300 km long route through amazing  landscapes, 5 islands and 6 na-tional parks with plenty of attractions on the route officially called “Green electric route” that offers charging stations that are, in cooperation with our partners, set on the most significant locations. During the rally, the vehicles will be charged at the public charging stations with Tesla Superchargers and mobile DC chargers coupled with the mobile battery pack 1+1 MWh.

    The stopping points of this electric adventure are Poreč, Rovinj, Hum, Kringa, Beram, Vodnjan, Pula, Brijuni, Opatija, Senj, Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Pag, Paklenica, Zadar (The Greeting to the Sun and Sea Organ), Šibenik, Krka, Vransko Jezero, Split, Smiljan, Plitvička Jezera and Zagreb. The choice of these locations is not random; its aim is to show the best of what Croatia has to offer.

    In Istria we're visiting Buzet, the city of truffles, Hum, the smallest town in the world, then Beram and the church with the amazing medieval fresco “Dance Macabre” and in Vodnjan the Istrian church of St. Blaž which contains the world's largest collection of completely preserved bodies of Christian saints.

    The official accreditation as well as the assignment of numbers and road books to competitors will be held in Poreč, where the rally officially begins. In Pula we'll be parked next to one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters in Europe and a boat will take us to the national park Brijuni, a vacation destination of numerous kings, presidents and celebrities.

    The drive goes through central Istria, also called mini Tuscany, all the way to the fabulous Opatija, the astonishing renaissance Monte Carlo of the Adriatic and to Senj, known for its famous Bora on whose sea-front one of the most beautiful Tesla Superchargers is located.

    The drive continues across the islands of Krk, Lošinj and Pag with amazing lunar landscapes, where numerous auto manufacturers filmed their advertisements. Then there is Lun, the oldest European olive grove where it's permitted to move only on foot or with an electric micro vehicles. An essential stopping point is the city of Zadar.

    Krka national park, with its wonderful waterfalls, is where the first hydroelectric power plant was built according to Tesla's designs. From there, on August 28th, 1895, one of the first flows of electrical current rushed toward the 14 km distant city of Šibenik. The city of Split is the location of charging with the Tesla Supercharger and the race will be held near the Poljud stadium.

    On the 400 km long road towards Zagreb there is a mandatory stop at the birth-place of Nikola Tesla, in Smiljan.

    Less than 200 km before reaching Zagreb, the visit to the Plitvice Lakes, one of the most beautiful national parks in the world with amazing lakes and waterfalls situated in an ancient forest. Our finish line is the main square Ban Jelačić in Zagreb at night, where the „speed race“ will be held the next day as well as the winner announcement ceremony.

    In 2016 there were 60 electric vehicles at the rally, among them were mostly the drivers of Tesla vehicles from all over the world.
    Announced are participants from the Emirates, Norway, Belgium, America, Finland, Slovenia, France, USA and most of them traditionally come from Germany and Austria.


  • Amfora Cup

    03.06.2017 - 04.06.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Zelena laguna

    International youth football tournament

    Zelena laguna

    International youth football tournament

    Teams looking for an international youth football tournament in a relaxed environment need look no further than the Amfora Cup. Right beside the centuries-old harbour town of Porec in the heart of the Istrian coast lies the sports and holiday centre Zelena Laguna. Various professional teams set up their training camps here, as on occasion does the Croatian national team. But at Whitsun, the complex is completely reserved for young people. With a 15-year history, the tournaments have become a rendezvous for old friends.

  • Rise Up Poreč Music Festival

    09.06.2017 - 10.06.2017

    Poreč-Parenzo, Peškera (Peškera)

    Entertainment program

    Peškera (Peškera)

    Entertainment program

    June in Poreč will start off with a new Istrian music spectacle – the Rise Up Poreč Music Festival! This two-day music festival against the beautiful backdrop of the old town is a real must-see party spectacle.

    At the Poreč Rise Up festival, which will be held on 9 and 10 June 2017 at Peškera plateau in Poreč, you will be able to hear big names whose music lives in symbiosis with summer, the sea, the sun and swimming.

    This festival will host world-famous stars like John Newman, whose hit Love Me Again was at the top of the charts worldwide for weeks; house music legends Rudimental, Grammy award-winner Roger SanchezFaithless DJ set by Sister BlissIcona PopStereo MC and RedFoo from LMFAO.

    In addition to the excellent music, you can expect a great deal more, including our gourmet experience and a hot air balloon ride with champagne in the sky. Istria will turn into the biggest musical stage and the best place to dance and party under the beautiful skies of Poreč!

    Laguna Poreč prepared a special offer just for you: when you book accommodation at one of Laguna Poreč facilities, you will receive a voucher for a 70% discount on the regular ticket price (1-day or 2-day)

  • Malen in Istrien

    19.06.2017 - 23.06.2017

    Tar-Torre, Atelier Snježana Vidović

    Painting course

    10,00 - 17,00 h

    Atelier Snježana Vidović

    Painting course

    Your teacher will be well-known Croatian artist Snježana Vidović. People call Istria sometimes the "Small Tuscan of Croatia". The experienced artist will accompany you every day to another attractive place to paint in various painting techniques. Express your feelings and creativity in your favorite painting technique.

    Paint and enjoy, that's her motto. You will visit the most beautiful ares of Istria, to make these days memorable. Everywhere we will feel the pristine beauty of nature, the friendliness of the people and the culinary skills of local farmers.

    Malen in Istrien 2017:
    1. Spring painting course,          15.05. - 19.05. 2017      (10:00 – 17:00 o'clock)
    2. Summers painting course,      19.06. - 23.06. 2017      (10:00 – 17:00 o'clock)
    3. Painting course at september, 18.09. - 22.09. 2017      (10:00 – 17:00 o'clock)
    4. Autumns painting course,       09.10. - 13.10. 2017      (10:00 – 17:00 o'clock)


    Atelier Snježana Vidović
    Perci 9a, Tar + 385 099 302 6788


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