• Antonja

    20.01.2017 - 21.01.2017

    Rovinjsko Selo, Dom kulture (Cultural Center in Rovinjsko Selo)

    26th Wine Exhibition and 14th Olive Oil Exhibition

    Dom kulture (Cultural Center in Rovinjsko Selo)

    26th Wine Exhibition and 14th Olive Oil Exhibition


    TZ Rovinj
    Pina Budicina 12 +385 (0)52 811 566

  • Istrian winter running league



    12. winter league runnin season

    12. winter league runnin season

    12th anniversary of the Istrian winter league proves how popular running is in Istria. There are different recreational 6 or 9 kilometre races being held throughout the entire winter, up until March. Make sure not to miss the upcoming exciting adventures.

    Entry fee will amount 100.00 HRK and it’s paid by the purchase of starting number which is valid for all races. There will be trails of different profiles, properly marked, which length ranges from 6 km to about 9 km.

    Istrian Winter Running League 2016/17
    1. round: 06.11.2016. Umag
    2. round: 20.11.2016. Poreč-Parenzo
    3. round: 04.12.2016. Pazin
    4. round: 18.12.2016. Medulin
    5. round: 15.01.2017. Sveti Petar u Šumi
    6. round: 29.01.2017. Rovinj-Rovigno
    7. round: 12.02.2017. Tupljak (Pićan)
    8. round: 26.02.2017. Pula-Pola
    9. round: 05.03.2016. Rabac

  • HTI

    28.02.2017 - 02.03.2017

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Hotel Lone

    Health tourism industry conference

    20:00 h

    Hotel Lone

    Health tourism industry conference

    This conference in Rovinj will gather a large number of professionals in the field of health tourism from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East who will introduce best practices and examples and highlight the trends and challenges of the industry through the number of interesting thematic panels and presentations.

    The gathering also includes two international events - European Luxury Hospitality Summit and TTM Taste the Mediterranean Festival. The first is designed for hotels and hotel chains, representatives of the public sector, travel agencies, educators, and the other will present the Mediterranean diet, which was declared the healthiest in the world by the World Health Organization and added to the UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, through various thematic workshops.


    TZ Rovinj
    Pina Budicina 12 +385 (0)52 811 566

  • Istarska rivijera - Istrian Riviera

    04.03.2017 - 02.04.2017

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Poreč-Parenzo, Umag-Umago

    Cycle tennis tournaments

    Cycle tennis tournaments

    Since it is associated with the very beginnings of significant tennis development on the Istrian peninsula as well as with the beginnings of tennis' association with tourism, the Istrian Riviera tennis tournament has gained the status of an institution among regional sport events.

    Croatia F1 Futures
    04.03 - 12.03.2017

    Croatia F2 Futures
    11.03 - 19.03.2017

    Croatia F3 Futures
    18.03 - 26.03.2017

    Croatia F4 Futures
    25.03 - 02.04.2017



    Top Spin
    Jurkovićeva 17, Zagreb T.+385 (0)1 369 3690, F.+385 (0)1 363 47

  • Beach Polo Event

    18.05.2017 - 21.05.2017

    Rovinj-Rovigno, Uvala Porton Biondi

    Sports and entertainment spectacle

    Uvala Porton Biondi

    Sports and entertainment spectacle

    This unique event will take place on the northern shores of Rovinj, close to Porton Biondi where the tournament arena will be set up, whilst the vicinity of the old town centre will also contribute to the overall event.

    The first tournament of this kind took place in 2004 in Dubai and then again in 2005 on the beaches of Miami, followed by Belgium, England, Wales, Chile, Ireland and Uruguay... The rules are slightly different from traditional polo, although the main goal is to score a goal against the opposing team.

    Four international teams will take part in the beach polo tournament, and instead of four players, each team will have three players. Players on horseback with the help of a long stick will try to take a small leather ball filled with air to the goal of the opposing team.

    Beach polo usually involves more manoeuvrability and shorter passes at lower speeds because of the arena space. On each side of the field are goals made of easily overthrown goalposts set at a distance of 7 metres.

    The game lasts 30 minutes and is divided into four time periods or chukkas. Teams change the side of the field they have been playing at the end of each chukka and replace tired horses so that up to 48 horses may be needed for the game.

    The days of the Beach Polo Tournament bring with them quite unusual events, and visitors are certain to enjoy Saturday's polo parade along the coast of Rovinj.

    Rules of the game:
    The Rovinj tournament is played according to the Hurlingham rules.
    The game consists of chukkas (the word comes from the Hindi term chakkar from Sanskrit chakra which means circle or wheel) lasting 4-6 minutes.

    When playing on the polo field, the teams form a line with the players set to form 1, 2, 3 against each other, with a judge who performs all of his duties while standing off the field.

    Teams change the side they play on the field after each chukka. Sides are changed to reduce the benefits that the wind might bring, if there is wind, so that each team has a fair chance to start the game from the right, the easier side. All players have to play using their right hand (play using the left hand was abolished for security reasons in 1975).

    Each team player has a specific role and they are marked with numbers 1, 2, 3.
    Number 1 has an offensive-oriented position on the field and should cover the opposing team’s number 3. Number 2 has an important role in the attack – when galloping he breaks forward and scores goals either alone or by passing the ball to the number 1, covering him by riding behind him.
    In defence number 2 covers the opponent’s number 3, which is also the opposing team’s best player.
    Number 3 is a tactical leader who should have a powerful shot with a far-reaching range in order to easily be able to pass the ball to his number 2 and number 1. Number 3 is normally the team’s best player and has the highest handicap, having the role of main player in defence, which otherwise in polo tournaments would have a fourth player.


  • Bale-Valle Outdoor Festival

    09.06.2017 - 11.06.2017


    As part of the Bale-Valle outdoor festival, 10 km race will be held on Friday while adventure race will be held on Saturday and mtb marathon will be held on Sunday.
    The best women's and men's competitor of the bravest who dare to accept the challenge of this all round competition and finish all three races in three days will receive special sponsor prizes.


    TZ Bale
    Rovinjska 1 +385 (0)52 824 270

  • Summer Sensual Days

    21.06.2017 - 26.06.2017


    Festival of latin dances

    Festival of latin dances

    The romantic town of Rovinj is again this year host of Sensual Summer Days, a festival where participants will have a chance to get acquainted with a beautiful world of sensual Caribbean and Latin dances such as bachata, kizomba, zouk and many others.
    The program includes a series of workshops at different levels, gala parties, show performances, etc.


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Already receiving significant earned media in outlets such as National Geographic Traveler Huffington Post and mention in notable guidebooks like Lonely Planet, international journalists and tour operators alike continue the praise heaped upon the Istrian peninsula and all it has to offer making it one of the world's top destinations.