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  • Truffle Days in Istria

    09.09.2017 - 19.11.2017

    Buzet, Motovun, Livade

    The truffle is the supreme delicacy that had been enjoyed by the Mesopotamian rulers 4000 years ago, and it is still one of the most prestigious foodstuffs in world gastronomy. This intense flavour royal mushroom was known to the ancient Greeks and the Roman emperors, and it was also served at the French court and among the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. It is very rare and it grows only in several locations in Europe - in some parts of France and Italy and in Istria, favoured by mild climate, small temperature variations and grey clay soil.

    The white and the black truffles have their natural habitat in the Istrian truffle 'Bermuda' triangle between Pazin, Buje and Buzet, especially in the valley of the river Mirna and in the Motovun Forest. They grow underground, and they are searched after by specially trained dogs.

    October is the top season of the white truffles, which are also the most expensive and the most valuable truffles. At that time, numerous events are held every weekend to celebrate this indisputable king of mushrooms in Livade, the well-known truffles centre near Motovun. But, even before and after this period, throughout most of the autumn, Istria lives in the rhythm of truffles with the abundance of festivities dedicated to this noble mushroom.

    The guests that come from the whole region are presented with the typical truffle dishes: fuži, pljukanci, gnocchi, fritada and various meat combinations. There are also many exhibitions and fairs, with plenty of excellent opportunities to meet the world of this magic, aromatic tuber known for its aphrodisiac features.


    09.09. Buzet, Square Fontana

    Subotina with Giant Truffles Omelette (2017 eggs and 10 kg truffles)

    16.09. - 19.11. Livade (on weekends)
    Zigante Truffle Days

    21.10. Motovun, Square Andrea Antico
    VIII Teran and truffle festival

    21.10. - 22.10. Livade
    XXIV Tuberfest

    The white truffle fair
    Truffle exhibition
    Celebrity show cooking
    Truffle auction sale
    Truffle search demonstration
    Agricultural products fair

    04.11. - 05.11. Buzet
    Truffle Weekend

    Exhibition and fair of truffles and homemade autochthonous products

    » We present His Majesty, The Truffle of Istria


    TZ Istra
    T. +385 52 88 00 88

  • Zigante Truffle Days

    16.09.2017 - 19.11.2017


    Truffle Days 2016

    Truffle Days 2016

    In the heart of the Motovun forest, one of the most important areas for harvesting the white truffle in Istria, Zigante Tartufi Days are being held each year. This long manifestation is being held over ten weeks during autumn.

    That is expensive tuber that is literally measured in grams of gold like a magnet for visitors, according to local and foreign guests from Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria and even distant Japan, who are constant visitors to this unique project.

    It was this event celebrated the Livade as a world center of the Istrian white truffles, and turned this place into a single marketplace, only one of its kind in the country.  Truffle Fair and Exhibition is an ideal opportunity for exploring and tasting truffles and its presentation.

    In addition to the absolute king of Istrian cuisine, here you can find other indigenous products, which in its tradition and quality attract interested tasters and consumers from around the world: wine, olive oil, cheeses, honey, brandy-herb and other traditional Istrian products.

    The gastronomic offer is the result of collaboration with the best wineries and olive oil. For all visitors entering the fair is free of charge.

    Opening hours:
    16.IX - 29.X: 10:00 - 19:00 every weekend
    04.XI - 19.XI: 10:00 - 18:00 every weekend


    Livade Tartufi
    + 385 52 664 302, +385 91 477 7410

  • Vinko Šaina

    22.09.2017 - 21.10.2017

    Labin, Gradska galerija Labin, Galerija Alvona, Narodni muzej Labin

    Promotion of the monograph and exhibition

    Gradska galerija Labin, Galerija Alvona, Narodni muzej Labin

    Promotion of the monograph and exhibition

    On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the artistic work of Labin native painter Vinko Šaina, a monographic exhibition set to open on 22 September at Labin Town Gallery, Labin Museum and Alvona Gallery will present the rich opus of this artist, perpetually inspired by the beauty of his hometown scenery. One of the most prominent local painters had his artworks exhibited in Croatia and abroad, and is also known as the founder of Alvona Gallery at the church of Our Lady of Carmel in Labin Old town. After the reconstruction and restoration of this sacral object, registered as culture monument, from 1993 Alvona Gallery has grown into a must-see art and performance point in Istria, with Šaina's colorful Labin and Rabac horizons becoming the recognizable symbols of Labin.


    Gradska galerija Labin
    Ul. 1. maja 5, T: +385 052 852 123

  • Sole Fish Days

    14.10.2017 - 26.11.2017

    Umag-Umago, Novigrad-Cittanova, Buje-Buie, Brtonigla-Verteneglio

    Gastronomic event

    Gastronomic event

    Repeatedly, north-western Istria captivates guests with its intoxicating tastes and scents, hidden places and events.

    If you are spending time here during the autumn, take the opportunity of trying our wide range of dishes based on sole. This high quality white fish is locally called "švoj", hence the name of the event.

    Lasting almost an entire month, the Sole Fish Days takes place in the many restaurants and wine cellars of Umag, Novigrad, Buje and Brtonigla. Here you will find three-course meals based on sole, served with quality wine and olive oil from the region.

    The sole has thus become an inspiration, encouraging cooks to try out new creations and combinations. Chefs reach for the stars and let their imagination run wild, raising the gastronomic experience to new levels - all in the name of this noble fish, characteristic of the north-western part of the Istrian peninsula.

    The sole shines in all its glory, bringing a new dimension to the intricate weave of Istrian culinary.
    Enjoy your meal!

  • Fazana's Delights and Delicacies » cancelled

    20.10.2017 - 22.10.2017

    Fažana-Fasana, (Waterfront)

    Gastronomic event


    Gastronomic event

    Restaurants, and taverns of Fažana and Valbandon invite you to a dish of magic; imaginative menus with autumn delicacies such as gilthead, mushrooms, and wild game.

    NAVETTA, Dragonja 116, Valbandon, T: 052/521 331
    GOSTIONICA FASANA, Riva 8, Fažana, T: 052/520 854
    K&F, Riva 5, Fažana M: 098/197 17 81
    PLAVI, Trg Sv. Kuzme i Damjana 2, Fažana, T: 052/521 785
    STARA KONOBA, Trg Stare škole 1, Fažana, T: 098/414256
    ULIKA, Ruže Petrović 76, Fažana, T: 052/521 312
    MARINA, Trg Stare škole 2, Fažana, T: 052/521 071


    TZ Fažana
    43. Istarske divizije 8, Fažana T: +385 52 383 727 F: +385 52 383 728

  • Pazi što jedeš

    20.10.2017 - 22.10.2017

    Pula-Pola, Circolo


    'What kind of food do you eat' is an event which consists of lectures on the topic of traditional and organic food, traditional food workshop and exhibition section where visitors can buy organic products directly from the producer, including the exhibition and exchange of seeds of old plant types.


    Etnografski muzej Istre
    Trg Istarskog razvoda 1275. br. 1 +385 052 622 220

  • Mushroom Days

    21.10.2017 - 22.10.2017

    Novigrad-Cittanova, Zajednica Talijana

    Mushroom exhibition, tasting of mushroom dishes

    Zajednica Talijana

    Mushroom exhibition, tasting of mushroom dishes

    Join us in the common mushroom gathering for an interesting two-day program and enjoy the smells and flavours of nature.
    Mushroom exhibition, tasting of mushroom dishes, entertainment program, and more...

    21/10/2017 (Saturday)
    Starting at 7PM
    Official opening of the 5th Mushroom Days in Novigrad
    Awards for the biggest mushroom, the most beautiful mushroom and the richest basket
    Mushroom exhibition
    Wild Mushroom Stew tasting
    Party with local music

    22/10/2017 (Sunday)
    From 10AM to 7PM
    Mushroom exhibition
    Starting at 2PM
    “Mushroom stew” tasting

    During the weekend, visit also the event on Saturday October 21st at 4PM at the sports hall where the Association “Healthy Novigrad” will celebrate the International Apple Day. The event will feature an exhibition fair, a culinary competition in the preparation of sweet and savoury meals made with apples, a music and entertainment programme, and other interesting content.


    TZ Novigrad
    Mandrač 29a +385 (0)52 757 075

  • XXIII Tuberfest

    21.10.2017 - 22.10.2017

    Livade (Oprtalj-Portole)

    Truffle Days 2016

    Truffle Days 2016

    Known as a supreme delicacy the truffle has always been and remains a prestigious gastronomic ingredient worldwide. The high season for the most valuable white truffle is October, when Tuberfest, a several day long festival celebrating this undisputed king of flavour is held in Livade, a renowned truffle centre in the vicinity of Motovun.

    Since good food goes hand in hand with good wine, Tuberfest is an opportunity to taste the wines from renowned Istrian wine cellars, brandies made from medicinal herbs and indigenous products like cheese, honey and olive oil.

    Champion of the season - the most beautiful and largest white truffle is selected every year, and the challenge is tremendous. In fact, the largest truffle in the world was discovered in north-western Istria, in the vicinity of Buje in 1999. It weighed 1,31 kg and its size earned it a place in the Guinness Book of Records!


    TZ Oprtalj, Općina Oprtalj
    Matka Laginje 2, T:+385 (0)52 644 077, +385 (0)52 644 150

  • 8th Teran and Truffle Festival


    Motovun-Montona, Trg Andrea Antico (Square)

    Truffle Days 2017

    Trg Andrea Antico (Square)

    Truffle Days 2017

    When Istria is taken over by autumn tones, its landscapes gleam in hundreds of shades of yellow, orange and red. From the top of the hill, this autumn patchwork is watching majestically over by Motovun, a medieval town overlooking the Motovun forest, the River Mirna and its stunning valley.

    In October, a one-day exhibition and tasting of Teran wine and truffles Is held here.

    Teran is an old Istrian variety, which dominated the Istrian peninsula around a hundred years ago and was first mentioned 600 years ago. Due to its strong and robust flavour, the autochthonous Istrian wine is delightful served with prosciutto, cheese and meat and game based dishes, while its ruby red colour perfectly blends with the autumn colours of Istria.
    Besides Teran, the equal star of the festival is the truffle, an underground Istrian treasure without which today’s gourmand cuisine would be unimaginable.

    The Festival brings together Istrian producers of Teran who want to give it the importance it deserves so that the culinary experience is complete with truffle dishes, of course, with emphasis on those that are best paired with Teran.


    Općina Motovun, TZ Motovun
    Trg Andrea Antico1 T +385 (0)52 681 726

  • Štriga! Istrian rogaine challenge



    Rogaining is an orienteering sport of long distance, it includes movement strategies and navigation between checkpoints by using the different types of maps. 

    Teams which can accept between 2 and 5 members try to get to as many checkpoints as possible in defined time. Shorter rogaine races can be organized for individuals. Checkpoints can bring different number of points which depends on difficulty of finding it, so teams must develop a strategy (for example, to get to as many checkpoints as possible of lower significance.

    Teams move by walking (or running), use maps and compass for orienteering on the terrain which vary from the open one to the flat and further to the terrain located in the hilly woods. Central spot, for which rogaine use the word “hash house” is a place where competitors can have a cooked meal and teams can return to it whenever they want to eat, rest or sleep.  

    Teams move by their own speed according to their level of training so this sport is open to all ages, from children to the seniors. During the race, the team members have to be close to one another and all the team members must visit the checkpoints. Usually, the rogaine race duration is 24 hours but the race can as short as 3, 6, 8, 12 or 15 hours.


    Sportbox & SRK Alba
    Presika 51a, Labin


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