Alpe Adria Oberkrainer fest


  • Oprtalj-Portole


  • 14.07. - 15.07.18



About the event:

Performance of folklore orchestras

If you decide to visit Oprtalj, the highest Istrian town in mid July, when Alpe Adria Folk Festival breathes life into the Medieval streets and nearby hillocks overlooking central Istria and the valley of the river of Mirna, a combination of polkas and waltzes from Istria and the Alps will delight your heart and soul.

Apart from the notes of traditional musical instruments, Oprtalj is also home to the fair of black truffle and homemade products, further enhanced by a visual arts exhibition and entertaining and sports activities organized by the townsfolk. This historical town will be visited by performers from different regions: Istria, northern parts of Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, southern Germany-all countries nurturing the joyful musical tradition of the Alps. For over a decade, the Oprtalj audience has been welcoming the big stars, international folk orchestras and young accordion and trumpet players with equal enthusiasm. The boundaries and years break down before the desire to preserve the folk tradition written in the melodies and songs of the mountain dwellers.

Apart from the musical tradition, the simultaneously held fair of the black truffle and agricultural products simply tempts you to sample all the flavours. The alluring smell of aphrodisiac mushrooms growing in the Mirna valley like jewels hidden beneath the ground entices you to try them in olive oil, honey, cakes or authentic Istrian specialties.

Once the last strokes of polka and waltz fade away, there will be a promotional tasting of truffle omelettes, called fritaje in the Istrian dialect, with industrious cooks also offering homemade pasta fuži and pljukanci or Istrian meat specialties paired with a drop of exquisite Istrian wines.