• Nezakcij, Valtura (Ližnjan-Lisignano)


  • 11.08.18



About the event:

Staging of Histri's everyday life

The fall of the Istrian King
Histrians, with their king Epulon, were among rare nations who had dignity and courage to resist the superior Romans. They have fought gloriously but eventually succumbed to them. Today's Vizace, in the prehistoric era, were the centre of life on the Istrian peninsula, not only in the cultural, but also in the spiritual and trading way.

Through the play Histri there will be a staging of the final days of fight of the Epulon and Histrians, as well as fall of Nezakcium which takes place directly on the site. The school of Gladiators Spectacula Gladiatoria in Pula was hired to give the complete experience to the visitors.

Besiders the theatrical experience, the visitors can get to know more about the everyday life of Histrians and even to find out more about how in those times the food was prepared, the pottery was made and the clothes was created on the loom. The hairstyles of the ladies and jewelry prove that the looks was important in their times.

Admission free.