Vrsar Porto Fest


  • Harbour / Vrsar-Orsera


  • 14.07.18


  • 18:00|


About the event:

Traditional and contemporary of Istrian culinary specialties, drinks and cocktails

Queen Real Tribute

A new festival whose intention is to preserve and nurture the local tradition, as well as to entice the protection and evaluation of the indigenous products. Also, its aim is to encourage the local caterers to persist in keeping the tradition and creativity while developing new products.

The event, held at the seafront of Vrsar, will try to bring together the traditional and contemporary of Istrian culinary specialties, drinks and cocktails.  

Numerous visitors will have the opportunity to savour the plethora of meat, fish and pasta flavours at promotional prices, while later on they can enjoy in the rich entertainment programme along with live music, excellent wines, homemade grappa and fabulously prepared cocktails.