Boxing in Pula


  • Povijesni i pomorski muzej Istre / Pula-Pola


  • 26.01. - 30.09.18


  • Povijesni i pomorski muzej Istre
  • Gradinski uspon 6


About the event:


The exhibition Boxing in Pula is an expression of the initiative of the Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria - Museo storico e navale dell’Istria for the preservation and appreciation of the importance of boxing - the most decorated sport of Pula.

For the first time the history of amateur boxing in Pula is presented to the public: from antiquity to the present day. The exhibition presents the emergence of the first forms of boxing, the development of boxing as a contemporary sport, the organization of boxing clubs and the activities of prominent individuals: boxers and coaches. The most substantial part of the exhibition is dedicated to the activities of the Boxing Club Pula, which has, since its foundation in 1946, intensely promoted boxing in Pula and deserves most credit for the achievement of its greatest successes at regional and European tournaments. The exhibition pays special tribute to eighteen boxers who during their active boxing careers particularly excelled in their personal style and individual successes, who contributed to the success of the Boxing Club Pula and left an indelible mark in the annals of boxing in Pula - the golden glove - Mate Parlov and other successful boxers: Banovac, Berbakov, Peruško, Vranješević, Mudrovčić, Kovjanić, Šarar, Gerlić, Stanković, Tadić, Miličević, Drviš, Bajrami, Bajrektarević, Vrgoč, Ahmeti and Čalić.

Adults: 20,00 HRK
Children: 5,00 HRK
Groups (more than 10 people), students, pensioners: 10,00 kn
Children under 6 and disabled persons: Free entry

Working hours:
X - III: 09:00 - 17:00
IV - IX: 08:00 - 21:00