Tadej Vaukman: Dick Skinners


  • Galerija Makina / Pula-Pola


  • 07.12. - 20.12.18


About the event:

Photo exhibition

The artist and photographer Tadej Vaukman will showcase his works from the Dick Skinners series which documents the scenes from his intimate life and everyday surroundings. These rough and non-idealised images reflect the nihilism of the protagonists, the artist's friends, which is the consequence of the resistance against the conventions and expectations of dominant society.

The Dick Skinners series is a document of a seven-year era of creation and hedonism; in the artist’s world these two are always inevitably intertwined. Together with his colleagues and friends Vaukman travelled extensively, built skate parks and performed concerts in underground clubs across Europe and by doing that he co-created the scene that promotes complete resistance against dominant social norms. The explicit images of wild parties and collective way of life are therefore in complete contrast with the imperatives of contemporary consumerism, celebrity culture, and common desire for success and accumulation of personal material goods. The protagonists of his photographs are modern rebels with the cause who simply don't want to comply with the dominant social norms and who consciously reject (seeming) benefits of modern world that most of us unconditionally and uncritically follow.

Tadej Vaukman (1984) is an independent artist, photographer and publisher. In his predominantly photographic artistic practice he often uses raw documentary and street photography style through which he documents topical phenomena on the social margins and non-idealised images of the world here and now. He has released two photobooks, published by Rostfrei Publishing – Dick Skinners (2015) and Grandheroes (2018). He lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia.